The LU2009 is an extremely low-power Anti-Ghost Keyboard encoder. The LU2009 provides unprecedented power consumption minimization, making it ideal for use in PC peripheral or embedded or add-on keyboards for handheld, cellular phone, PDAS, games and single-board systems designed for portable application. The LU2009 features 34 General-Purpose I/O(GPIO) pins to support USB and other applications


LU2010 is a Capacitive Contact Sensor touch solution IC has been designed to be optimized for capacitive touch application, thus it can be provided in various systems interfaced by capacitive touch. LU2010 is also designed for strong noise immunity, and its noise immunity is superior to the competitors because of its unique sensing method, especially for the single layer touch sensor.


LU3010 is a mutual capacitance touch-screen controller IC capable of detecting and tracking up to 10-finger simultaneous touch with both a 32-bit RISC microcontroller and an embedded EEPROM on chip. The LU3010 has a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in application by using robust noise reduction algorithm, average or median filter, morphology, etc.